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Who Are We?


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Hamaren Education Center is a Japanese language training and education institution as well as a Sending Organization (SO) or an institution that sends Indonesian apprentices to Japan. We are part of the Hamaren Group, a company based in Japan and Indonesia. As an official institution, our company has been registered under the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower with license number 2/1696/HK.13/XII/2020. 

Since our establishment in 2017, we are determined and strive to educate, prepare, and send human resources (HR) who are reliable, disciplined, and able to compete globally and keep up with the times.


As the right place to prepare human resources who are reliable, skilled, have high spirits, and are able to develop in accordance with the demands of the times and can instill and apply discipline and attitudes that reflect the true Indonesian hearts.


Why Choose

Hamaren Education Center?

Full Control

Hamaren has representative offices in Japan as well as in Indonesia that will supervise thoroughly

Qualified Teachers

All of our teaching staff are JLPT N3-N2 certified and have school or work experience in Japan

3 to 5 Years of Apprenticeship

Students can undergo an apprenticeship program up to a maximum of 5 years

Apprenticeship & Undergraduate Study

Study at Binus Online Learning during the apprenticeship and get a bachelor's degree after the program ends

Make Your Choice

Students can choose the jobs based on their interest and skills

Study Grant

Students who meet the academic & non-academic requirements can get a study grant for tuition fees

Programs & Services


技能 実習生 | Ginou Jisshuusei

A program that prepares students to become technical interns in Japan. Participants are at least high school/vocational school graduates aged 18-30 years.


介護 | Kaigo

Program for those who want to become elderly nurses in Japan. Participants at least graduated from vocational school/have a diploma/bachelor in nursing.

Japanese Language School

日本語 学校 | Nihongo Gakkou

Preparatory program for language study in Japan. Students can continue their studies to university or search for a job after graduating from this school.

Specified Skill Workers (SSW)

特定技能 | Tokutei Ginou

Services for ex-apprentices in Indonesia and Japan who want to enhance their experience and skills as a Specified Skill Worker (SSW).